Fabric can be so expensive, and to throw something away just kills me. I would say anything smaller than a 2 x 2 scrap does get thrown away in my house but anything else get saved for inspirational quick projects.

I’ve been wanting to try some free hand embroidery and appliqué.  My tiny is always an inspiration. With all the adorable fabrics  I’ve recently been using I had a lot of great scrap pieces that were at least big enough enough for a 4 x 4 letter.

I planned out this towel the first thing I did was open up a brown paper bag and marked a wide line that was at least 4 x 4 tall. I traced out my letters making sure they are similar size but not necessarily perfect. My next step was to gather my fabric cut them large enough to cover The paper template and added the heat and Bond.

I  cut out all my templates, laid them on my towel align them as I saw fit and pressed them down with a hot iron.

The last step was to find a satin stitch on my machine. I used this decorative one but in retrospect I should’ve tested a few before making a decision.

 The last thing I figured out which had I done any research I probably would’ve been told is to use stabilizer underneath so that it went through the machine smooth.

Whenever I create something I can see all the bumps and bruises of it. It wasn’t going through my machine perfect but all in all for my first one and learning I think it turned out pretty great.

Do you like to appliqué. What are your favorite sites for learning techniques.