I remember this day.9-11 I was sitting at Rose and Womble processing agents checks. We heard the news and just like most we thought wow thats crazy and figured it was a accident. The TV was  turned on to watch the events and then the 2nd plane hit. We all sat there in shock. Remember the terrifying feeling that we were about to experience something that would destroy our entire way of life. Just like everyone I started to call my loved ones to ensure they were safe. This day did change me and my mind set. I remember thinking life is to short to be waiting on other people for my happiness and freedom. I no longer wanted someone to tell me my value. This was the turing point for my life change and when I decided I wanted to be in control of my life. I think about all the people who had no chance to change, no chance to make a mends  with loved ones. I pray TODAY you do no WAIT for a tragic event. That you take the time to see what is important to you and RUN TO IT. For me it was a job change that day. For you it could be Family, faith or career. I PRAY for all who suffered form this tragic event. I also pray they find peace and realize they are still here and in CONTROL of their lives. MAKE IT COUNT !