FREE …. I love that word and when I’m looking to sew I love it even more.

Pretty much every morning Im on the hunt for inspiration to sew. Im someone who HATES to buy a pattern and I don’t do long term commitment sewing !!

Im a QUICK and FAST kinda gal.  I guess that is the D personality and maybe ADD…. IDK all I know is I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a completed project before lunch time.

How about you ? What is your preference when sewing ? Here are some of my FAVORITE sites to look at for inspiration. I hope they are new to you and they inspire you to !



Free hoodie patter from Brindil and Twig
Free hoodie patter from Brindile and Twig


Free  Tuni pattern from SHWIN AND SHWIN
Free Tunic pattern from SHWIN AND SHWIN

Share with me your BEST FREE pattern site is !!! I would love to test a few more patterns.