FALL is here  and its time to start making pumpkin decorations. Today my little is cooped up in the house due to bad weather.  We needed to kill a bit of time so PAPER crafts was the go to.

First gather your supplies. All of this can be done with just scissors but we have lots of craft supplies so lets use them all !!

White paper card stock I like( Stampin up brand   my good friend Mellisa is my go to gal )
Orange Crayola Crayons ( several shades of Orange , Green and Black) or card stock
Heart shape punch
Elmers Glue

1.First we scribbled all over the white card stock to create the orange back ground color. This is also something you can do with all the colors to helps stretch the time with the kiddos.

2. Cut out pumpkin shapes with scissors , do the same with hearts in black and green if you are not using a punch.

3. Draw in some darker shading and lines for dimension.

4. Punch/cut 5 hearts splitting on heart in half for sides of the pumpkin smile.

5. Decorate pumpkin face.

This project only lasted about 15 min but with a 2 year old that is a long.

Hope you enjoy this little paper craft project with your little one.