My reason for trying this ….

I have super oily hair and I am trying to find a way to balance my scalp. Also why not go the natural more inexpensive way than keep buying into superficial products. Detox my life if I can. I still eat crap and still put chemicals on but lessening the impact little by little

Recipe HERE Thanks to the Hippie Homemaker 

No poo Supplies
No poo day 1
Day 1 no poo

I’m on a mission to rescue my curls!  Here are the ingredients for my “tea”

A few more essentials …. Doterra LemonGrass, Lavender and Peppermint   Brew the tea and strain in a nut bag once cool…. add other ingredients
After drying …… Oily mess….. DAY ONE Im not sure Im going to be able to deal with this. Ill have to take it one day at a time.
Sprinkled in a bit of dry shampoo and added a hair tie….I hope I can deal with the detox period ! It is the end of day one. So far I hate my hair. It feels like an oil leak while being mass at the roots and dry at the ends. Let’s hope day two is a little better.


I decided to let it air dry to see what would happen today.

No poo day 2
Day 2 no poo

I’m about to cave ! My hair is a disgusting oily mess. This morning I had to do a bentonite clay and apple cider mask hoping it would cut the oil.

No poo day 3
Day 3 No poo

My hair feels like a nasty mess, I absolutely hate it. The bentonite Clay mask made my scalp itch I think I left it on there too long. I also did a wash rents with the leftover tea brew and apple cider vinegar. It did not seem to cut the oil. Today I had to add just a little bit of dry shampoo to cut the oil.

I really wanted to give up today. My hair was a nasty heavy greasy mess. It feels like conditioner was not rinsed out properly. But I pushed through it and decided one more day.

Yesterday I skipped washing my hair and put it in a bun. In the evening I brush for about 20 minutes with a natural bristle to try to pull the boils down to the ends. I was struggling really wanted to give up. This morning I used to baking soda and vinegar cleanse and it really pulled the oils outs and cleaned my hair well.

Day six video comments 

  DAY 7

Surprised my hair has a nice shine but not to oily !


Yuck….. Oil is back ! Maybe it’s the no poo…… It dos have apricot oil. I think I’m going to test a new “no poo ” …. Something with less oil in it . Thank goodness for a bit of dry shampoo in my crown.

Day 9 

A bit heavy and sticky feeling

Day 10

Lots of pony tails. I am really struggling with this and I’m so grateful I have long hair to pull up. Looking for cute styles that doesn’t look like I constantly have a ponytail.

Day 11

I like the way my hair feels when I using baking soda cleanse. The oil is stripped and it feels like a fresh clean wash. Everything I’ve read online says that this is really not a preferred method and will eventually cause breakage and scalp issues. I’ve only use this method once a week. This weekend I’ll be making a new type of shampoo maybe one with a little less oil in it.

DAY 12

Today I did an egg wash….. YIKES I know. I took one egg yolk mixed with a little water and rubbed my scalp for about five minutes in the shower. I then did an apple cider vinegar rents. It felt a little weird drying it and it seems as though the ends of my hair are drying out so I’m not quite sure what’s going on with that. But the egg yolk did take all of the oil from my scalp. My roots had a little more lift in them this morning. Almost as if I had used baking soda.

DAY 13

Totally forgot to take a photo today. I only “washed” my hair with water today. It has a heavy feeling at my scalp. Its not as oily as it has been but its still a bit of a sticky mess. I have to use a bit of dry shampoo at the crown and pull it up. I have to figure out what to do with my ends as they are dry and have little to no curl anymore.

DAY 14


For now the baking soda cleanse feel the best. I als used a bit of this on the ends.

Day 16 or 15 I’ve lost track

So I’m still at it and I think maybe just possibly things are getting better. What I have come to realize is I need to brush my hair a lot and when I mean a lot it’s like 20 to 30 minutes in the evening. I scrub my scalp with my fingertips  while using a boar bristle brush to start pulling the boils down to the end. Over the last two weeks what I’ve noticed was my scalp has a different type of oil but my ends seem extremely dry. I believe I haven’t been brushing my hair long enough to help distribute the natural oils. I stopped using the original recipe posted above and have recently just turn to massaging my scout very aggressively in the shower and only using water. I still need to use dry shampoo around the crown but the oil is definitely not as intense.

DAY 21

Somehow I think I got my days off so checked a calendar and I realized it was 21 days that I started this journey. I’m still not sold on it as the only thing that cleans the oil out of my hair is egg yolk or baking soda. It may be time to research a few other options. What I’m noticing is my scalp can get oily yet my ends are kind of dry and brittle. I use a round 4% brush and massage my scalp and brush my hair every night. It still doesn’t bring the oils down to my ends. Today I cheated just a tiny bit and put traditional conditioner at the ends because they were so dry. I think I’ll go ahead and get a trim haircut maybe that will help, maybe the ends are just really brittle.
Day 23

Today I decided wash with 2 eggs. Lesson learned even tepid water cooks egg whites 🙂

30 days or there about – LOST TRACK

HATED IT ! To be honest it did not work form me. My hair feels gross still. Oily scalp dry ends. I will be washing my hair with SHAMPOO in the morning