I was reminded 2 times today to JUST STOP trying to be over the top with extraordinary Christmas presentations and presents.

Moms we all know this last week before school lets out is the WORST. I have been trying to do all my sewing and wrapping of gifts. Its just not quite working out the way I planned. This year has been really hard for me to focus and do all the extra details for my loved ones. I cannot tell if its getting older or just having a 3 year old. I have a HUGE list of people I want to remember and Im slowing realizing I might not be able to do the wonderful things I had dreamed in my head and on my Pinterest boards.

My reminders came in 2 forms today. I was one the phone with a darling real estate client of mine who asked how I was doing. I mentioned my head cold and my stress over wanting to get all this done before Christmas. I am sure she heard my stress and then strongly replied to me. STOP just stop it all. Its time to have an ordinary Christmas. A Christmas that you can enjoy and not feel worn out and stressed. Her pastor had reminded them Christmas is not about all the over the top decorations, food and gifts. It is about Christ and the gift that was given to us. My 2nd reminder was in my MOPS email  When you dont fee like celebrating lavishly. Source  http://www.mops.org/blog/when-you-dont-feel-like-celebrating-lavishly. Its not about LAVISH in the sense of money, gifts or stressing your self out to GIVE so much there is nothing left for you.

I am battling a head cold that came on pretty strong on the last 24 hours. My head feels like its in a vice grip and my nose its stuck between a running faucet and stopped all at the same time ( HOW THAT HAPPEN I HAVE NO IDEA  ).


I guess for now Ill take what I have completed and finish what I can. I know its still going to be a beautiful Christmas day. I will have my family around me celebrating the REASON FOR THE SEASON.