SECURITY , PEACE, FREEDOM….. Im not talking about a religion … but yea these things can come from a relationship with Jesus.

Im referring to the peace I have knowing Im debt free. Im 44 this year and we have almost paid off our mortgage , we have no credit card debt, no car debt and a great savings.

Yes I have done well with my Real Estate practice and this has help greatly with where we are in life. DONT be fooled I could have easily spent the money I have been making and extended my reach. It nots hard to see the money coming in and think I can afford more or live at a higher level.

Instead I choose to ensure my business account was separate from my household account. I “paid” my self a monthly wage and gave my self a bonus when I saw there was plenty of padding in the account.

I love Apple products and Ill be the 1st to plop 100 or even 1,000’s on a new apple toy if I really want it. I am able to do this because of all the other
choices I make.

SAVING money tips 

Upcycle things /recycle
Lower brands over name brands
Keeping our utility cost in check
Meal planning
SAYING NO to all the I WANTS and focusing more on the I NEED

Planning tips for future security

We have increase life insurance for peace o mind if something happens to me my Husband and daughter will not loose the life style they are used to.
We have a moderate investment going ( need to increase this greatly to ensure there is enough to keep us going in 10 yeas. There are a few more plans for the future to ensure we are secure.

We are not a slave to money. We can easily live on one income if needed.