I made this burda pattern for my little for my littles Easter dress.

easter dress


It was a perfect sized fit. I knew the pattern could be modified to others styles.

The fist thing I did was to make a copy.


copy existing pattern and modified for a new dress

I decided to make the length a slightly longer than her natural waist. The original pattern was an A line. I wanted to be able to add a full skirt.I also extended the sleeve length by about 3/4 of an inch.

1980s dress to toddler fashion

My oldest daughter had this wild pattern dress from the 80’s. It was going to hit the trash, however I envisioned a new dress.

The pattern shows a Peter Pan collar which I eventually omitted .


upcycle 1980s dress

Here is the final results. I absolutely love it. The skirt at the bottom has about 8 pleats  in the front. I did not have enough to do a ruffle so I modified to have just a little shape.


back of dress with tab closure