Today is July 9, 2016..
My plexus package came yesterday and today is the first day that I’ve taken the slim drink.  I guess later today I should weigh myself and take a few weeks one measurements just out of curiosity.

JULY 11,2016
I’ve taken a few “pink” drinks and 2 capsules each of the MegaX and Xfactor. I also take 1 DOTERRA PB assists (probiotic).This morning I’m not feeling particularly well. I’m exhausted still and well TMI ….loose stool. Sorry but I want to have a transparent picture of this journey. I rarely have that so I was a bit surprised. I’m still going to give this a chance unless side effects increase.  Who knows if it was coincidence or not.


July 12,2016
OK in complete transparency right now there’s a few odd things that I’m feeling. One a lot of loose stool. Now I know that’s kind of gross for people to read but if I’m going to be honest about this trial I need to tell the truth. I don’t have an overwhelming urge to eat and I would say that my appetite has been suppressed.

Another change I’ve recently made which could be part of my regularity problems will call them. Is I am cutting out as much dairy as possible just purely by choice. I have been drinking coconut milk almond or soy milk in my coffee for the last week and a half.I did happen to notice that my scale actually said I gained weight the last couple days but who knows water weight can fluctuate greatly.

July 13, 2016 This morning I had a mild headache, I used my doTERRA past tense plan on the back of my neck just to see if it would take it away. I’m still taking the drinks and I’m still taking the X factor and mega because I’m not sure what’s causing this right now. I have pretty much taken most dairy products if not all out of my diet and that could be causing some of my changes. Unless something gets worse I’ll continue on my 30 day challenge.


July 15, 2016 Hello Followers, Here is the latest news for me.
1. Regularity has returned to normal
2. Appetite greatly decreased
3.Feel a little “off” every once and awhile
1. Not sleeping well
2. No real energy difference I have not weighed myself or taken measurements. I’m still in it for the 30 days.

July 20, 2016 I do have a minor weight drop today !! 2 lbs. Not a big result so still going strong for the full 30 days. ANYTHING that I thought was a side effect has resolved itself. At this point I notice LESS craving to eat out of stress and not as hungry. I still eat but I am snacking less.

July 25th Im about 2 weeks in ! Doing well and I think dropped about 2 lbs. JURY is still out if this is water fluctuations.  I am better at stress eating still.. What I don’t have is EXTRA Energy other have talked about. Hoping if I increase my water intake this will help me more. I have to admit I only drink water but NOT enough of it ( WELL and the 1-2 beers here and there at night )

How I take my plexus 1


This was from a lady in my downline. It seems the combonations and time you take the product can vary and its best to find what works best for you



August 4th 2016 It’s been almost 30 days and I have NO negative side effects. What I do have is decreased binge appetite. I have a very small weight loss nothing to be super excited about at this time.
What I DON’T HAVE is the added energy everyone talks about. I’m exhausted but it could be the blazing heat and the 3-year-old I chase all day.
I’m adding these to the daily intake to see if this helps

The Key (1)

August 12 2016 I have started the Biocleanse and the Probiotics. I was surprised last night when I started my routine and laid in bed and was WIDE awake. Id love for this to be the “NEW energy ” I keep hearing about. Im so ready to have my night back so I can sew or craft.

I also have PUT dairy back in my diet. I could not do coffe and no milk…..


August 23

Okay so here we are a few more weeks in….. I’m Still taking the pink drink daily and Biocleanse plus probiotics. 

I’m realizing my fluid intake is subpar and I really do need to add in a bit of cardio. My energy levels are MUCH better than last month. I will continue this regiment and do a better job at sticking to water intake, and adding a bit more movement through out the day.