As I enjoy my Monday with my little i am reminded how 9/11 changed my life.
I was sitting at Rose and Womble realty processing commission checks. When the events unfolded I realized I was in a dead end job making little over minimum-wage and I would probably never achieve dreams that I had for myself.
I made the decision to pursue a self-employed position and I’ve grown more than I can imagine.
Today i’m choosing to step out of my comfort zone andi’m choosing to step out of my comfort zone and grow a team. It’s not about making more it’s about buying back TIME.
Most moms realize these are precious moments yet they may never have the chance to live them as deeply as they desire.
I’ve chosen to build a team not for the growth of making more money. Not for the chance to get myself in debt or live a lifestyle others dream about. I’ve chosen to build so that I can buyback is precious moments and enjoy them before they’re gone.
There are so many opportunities for people to live a life in a dream. Don’t give up, test the waters on commission jobs, home parties or even MLM. At least you won’t look back wishing you had tried.