At the last minute I was invited to take a 4 day trip to the mountains. To be honest my first instinct was NO I have so much I need to do with work.

Then I thought WOW, money will always need to be made. Jobs can always be found but time and memories can fade so fast.

I said YES …. and in a whirlwind we were on the road just like that.

We stayed at this adorable cottage. SEE the AIRBNB listing here


It was an adorable old cottage located at the end of a long dirt road. My only concern with the house. The repairs were not done so great. It is rustic and in a great setting though. We loved that it had NO steps to get in and 1 bed on the first floor. 1 bathroom for 4 grown women was interesting but we made the best of it. On the last day we were greeted by a field mouse that thought popping in and out of the hallway would be fun


We were greeted daily by a family of peacocks every morning. That was great entertainment when sitting on the front porch.

On the 1st day we went to Drummond orchard there was a festival so my little had fun playing on the slide and we had “food” truck lunches. I did figure out there prices on produce is much higher to be aware of that.

The next day we went to breakfast at a place called What a Blessing bakery. Let me tell you the APPLE Fritters are to die for !

Next was a hike to Crabtree Fall. This was lovely. We only made it to .6 of the 2 mile hike due to it being a bit to hard for my little. It was still very beautiful.


What we did figure out was Dickies  Bros orchard had better prices on apples , sweet potatoes and well pretty much EVERYTHING. Next time we will enjoy the festival at Drummond but we will get our apples from Dickies Bros Orchard.

We also went into Saunders Brothers Orchard  this was a bit fancy compared to the others. They did have meat, and ICE CREAM!!!! I will have to make my way there again for dessert and dinner next time we are in town. They are the closest to the Fair View Manor 

If you need a great place to go to the mountains. You  need to try these places .