My little love LOVE LOVES applesauce.  She especially loves them in the pouches.

Im a bit to frugal for all the cost with these toss away containers. I knew there had to be something else I could to for this treat.

Thanks to AMAZON and the Original Squeeze Company I have a solution.

I did buy the bigger pouches for when she is a bit bigger. I can see putting smoothies and other purees here for on the go. I might even enjoy these when I jump in my car in the am. I wont have to worry about spilling it all over.


These are PERFECT for her lunch box. I may even be able to make veggie smoothies and freeze them.

I think I need to buy the funnel and make sure I use my VITAMIX Blender or my Stick blender to get out all the chucks.  I also had a bit of trouble closing the top back. I kept squeezing the sauce out. Im sure with a bit of practice Ill be faster at it.

The “nipple” is larger to accommodate a thicker sauce. I think this is a BIG hit with her.

Now I need to get more ideas for what I can fill it with !

I am not BEING PAID for this review ….. How ever it would be nice !!!