Oh yes I said WART !!!! That is like a cockroach on your body.


This is how it all started. In October of 2016 my little toe started to hurt.  I felt a bit of burning and discomfort. I have had a small slit under my toe n the past that healed it self so I did not think much of it.  The pain slowly got worse and within a few weeks I was almost unable to walk on it.

Album wart

Thanksgiving was a breaking point for me. I had started to use every kind of over the counter fungus and athlete’s foot medicine but nothing was working.

I reluctantly went to patient first ….. I hate going to the doctor s and well my insurance bill is 1200 a month at a 50/50 with 6500 out of pocket ….. RANT and YES the cost of this enrages me but that’s another blog some day.

So after about five minutes of looking at my to the doctor confirmed that it was a plantar wart. I thought I was gonna fall out because I was so grossed out a diagnosis like this. She wrote me a prescription for an anti-fungal and an acid that would assist in removing the war and healing my toe.

Now that I had a diagnosis I went to my resources for which essential oil would be best for treating this and decided to give it a try before filling the prescription.

I settled on a regiment of oregano oil and Melissa oil over the course of the next two weeks.

By the end of the third week the wart has completely been removed with no pain.


The Melissa oil is very expensive and it helped with healing the dislving wart. Its not needed to accomplish the removeal. I happen to have it so I used it towards the week. Over all I would suggest  using oregano over a chemical anyway.

I forgot to take after photos but you can see this wart dissolving after about a week.

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