After 6 years of using oils, I’m READY TO JUMP into the business side. I’m sure you have seen the links, photos, blogs and more for ESSENTIAL oils but your still not sure about them lets TALK.

I’m hosting in home classed for Hampton Roads residents to experience these oils. This is not something you can appreciate online or in a video.  Not every oil and company have the same quality.

Hosting Parties

You can also join my FACEBOOK private group call POWEROFDOTERRA123

I started oils during my IVF journey 6 years ago. I wanted to DETOX my life and go as natural as I could. I have not looked back. I never took it to the business side but now with my little turning 5, I think it’s time to SHARE the joy I get from them.

If you are in HAMPTON ROADS and you want to host a class, please MESSAGE ME.