How many of us get our wants and or needs confused ?Let’s make a fun list

A place to live

A car to drive/ or money for transportation 

Clothes to wear

Food to eat

Basic toiletries for cleanliness

A cell phone


The Internet


Manicure or pedicure

Of course I’m sure you can identify which list our needs and which list are the wants.

I’ve been guilty of putting the wants into the needs category. Over the last decade I’ve become quite the car snob refusing to drive anything that didn’t have any luxury title. I’ve also been known to upgrade my technology A little sooner than most.

However the difference between where my life is in somebody else’s all of these wants are well within my life budget.

Where is your life budget? If something was to happen how long could you survive without a job ?

I heard this amazing quote the other day on a YouTube video

Building wealth

The people who focus. On their checking account live Check to check

The people who focus on the savings account build wealth

What’s the difference you

So you can definitely put your wants into the needs category as long as you have focused on your savings account to build wealth.