I am ready for a big change in my life. SO big it scares me ….. I feel like I can do it and Im ready but Im still very afraid.The real issues is I might loose my income and fail. If I fail how bad will it hurt me and my family ? Negative thoughts fill my brain and the LETS DO it thoughts contstand speak to my heart and soul. 

Im so scattered and so confused on which way to to turn. Im amazing at what I do but I feel drained. Im READY for a new challenge and a new set of challenges. Im ready to explode with ideas and build a new business. 
How often do you feel this way ? Is this pie in the sky thinking or a destiny of failure?

My thoughts scatter around as I dream of a new path and the excitement it could bring. 

I see new beginnings, opportunity and new growth. A Gardner may prune what appears to be wonderful growth. They know that cutting a healthy vine can lead to a more fruitful plant. Maybe that is what I need a good pruning.  Well maybe an amazing life coach would be helpful to.

I wonder who else feels like this ? Im terrified, undecided totally going on gut but maybe just maybe a big change is coming my way. I feel like I need a new focus something new to build on and cultivate.  Putting all this out for the world to see is SCARY to say the least.