What Is Everyone Eating?
With everyday responsibilities, sometimes it is a challenge to keep track of what everyone is eating, much less if it is healthy. A fun way to find out is by graphing how many fruits and vegetables each family member eats. Having a visual to see what each member is eating can encourage more healthy habits.
  Encourage your child to create a month-long graph to post in the kitchen. Have her write down the names of all the family members on the graph. She can be responsible for marking on the graph which fruits and vegetables everyone eats throughout the month. At the end of the month, have a family gathering and have her present to everyone the final data.

See which family members ate the most fruits and vegetables, and which didn’t.

What You Need:

Poster board



What You Do:

  1. Encourage your child to share her thoughts on the family’s eating habits. Ask her if she thinks everyone is eating enough fruits and vegetables.
  2. Tell her to make a month-long chart to keep track of which fruits and vegetables every family member is eating. Have her use a ruler and markers to draw rows and columns. Then, she can fill in the left column’s cells with each family member’s name.
  3.    She can be in charge of keeping track of what everyone eats for the month. At the end of the month, have her look at the chart and write down the final data. Ask her questions, such as, “Was there a fruit or vegetable that seemed to be of preference?”
  4. Have her present the final data to the family.
  5. Thank tos https://www.education.com/resources/math/ for this Guest post