Did you know it’s national face your fears day?

Can I share with you something without any judgment?


So I’m in sales and I’ve been doing it for almost 16 years. But my biggest fear is that when I pick up the phone the person on the other end really doesn’t want to talk to me.

I have all these conversations in my head about what they’re thinking what they’re going to say how I’m gonna react. I have so much self-doubt when picking up the phone that it almost paralyzes me. So many times I hide behind technology. That could be a video message, text message, and email or Facebook post.

As I work through this ridiculous fear of mine I challenge you what is your fear and how will you face it. The best advice I ever received from a broker was in order to grow you must be uncomfortable. So the past two weeks I’ve been picking up the phone a lot more actually making cold calls, following up with past clients and trying to reach out to Agents that refer clients to me.

As a bold law in Keller Williams says what you focus on expands right now I’m trying to expand on the fact that people do want to talk to me, that it’s OK to pick up the phone and say hello.

If you’ve gotten to the end of this blog and you would love to chat on the phone message me privately and help me face my ridiculous for fears.

Facing Fears