I have been anxious to try chalk paint. ( I MEAN REALLY WHO HASN’T ! ) As I’m scanning my Pinterest boards I am always drawn to the powdered paint pieces.

While browsing for material for a dress from my local thrift store I spotted this coffee table.  I really did not need that table and I guess I could have redone the one I already had, but the shape was interesting.  I LOVED there were some interesting lines. I picked up the Waverley Chalk paint and brush.

I washed the table with water and dawn hoping to remove all the oils. Then started to apply the first coat. It went on okay but that big brush was hard to get into corners ( Note get 2 brushed and you don’t need the kind that comes with the brand. )

I waited 2 hours in between the coats to make sure they had time to dry well.  I applied my second coat. It was looking much better with less streaking.

I let the table dry in the house overnight. I did notice the next morning some areas that were still a bit thin of paint. I used a smaller brush and touched them up. Next was a coat of wax for the top. I did not worry about the legs  TIP- don’t pour the wax on the table it was to think and too long to dry.After waiting the recommend 24 hours I then sanded and distressed and buffed the table. I just love it !

Here are some problem I ran into.

1. Pour your paint into a tray. I did not and so the paint was way to thick in areas.

2. It said no PREP – YOUR BETTER TO PREP !!!! I ended up with some spider cracking and Im worried about the long term integrity of the pain.

3. Buy some TSP or Windex to wipe the item down- I washed with dawn but I think next time Ill use TSP.

4. Use a stain blocker on first layer. I think this would have really helped me get a better coverage.

5. Take your time and RELAX- everything is about the process and learning

Hubby said my paint was to thick…..

Lessons I am learning I guess