Made this adorable holiday dress for my little this weekend. The material came from Joann’s fabrics originally, however, I found 4 yards of it at my local thrift store for 1.00 a yard. The lace is vintage from my husband’s mothers sewing bin. the zipper also vintage gift by my mother who hunts thrift stores all over the country.

My pattern came from. Shwin and Shwin Holiday day dress. Best part IT WAS FREE! I am pretty certain I did not follow the directions completely as the zipper was hard to do. Overall my dressmaking skills allowed me to complete the dress the best way I knew how. My material at the bottom was a bit too short to hem to adding the lace allowed me to “hem” and extend at the same time.

My little loves it….but its a wee bit snug. Good thing she only needs to wear it this month. I am not certain if I sewed with more seam allowance than called for or if the patterns run a bit small. I added the bands of brown ribbon for interest. Tell me what you think?FE37CE98-D31D-4B81-9C22-DBD76C27D38A