I’ve been working on this sweet ringmaster outfit for a few weeks now. Its my little girls 5th birthday soon and we are planning a huge celebration for her.


I did not want to sew the entire outfit an figured I could find pieces from the thrift store to modify. I found these pieces

  1. Black Stain Jacket
  2. Red satin cape
  3. Black and White Striped adult costume pants

First step was to modify the jacket to mimic coat tails. Using YouTube videos as a guide, I cut the jacket and trimmed with gold. I added a few large gold buttons for design.

Second step was for the cape. It originally had a hood. I removed the hood, and served the ends. Next I gathers and attached to the collar so she would not have to worry about it falling off when she was playing.

Third step, I disassembled the pants to make a long strip. then gathered and attached to black silvery wide elastic.

The total cost for these items was about $7.00

Other parts of the costume.

  1. Embroidered shirt ( ITS MY CIRCUS )
  2. Black paper top hat
  3. Ring of fire

I have a Janome Memory craft 1100 Sewing machine. I decided if she wanted to remove the jacked I still wanted the theme of the costume so I made up a cute shirt.

The black hat was made with black construction paper again using some YouTube videos for inspiration. My ring of fire was a $1.00 hola hoop and craft felt.

My last piece was the lions mane for my golden retriever.

This was the hardest part of the entire costume. I had to self draft some sort of base for the hair. Using a Pinterest tutorial I did my best to create something that would lay on the dogs head without slipping. Its not a perfect fit but over all for photos it did the trick.

I have a ton of Pinterst ideas ready to go for this massive circus party. Wait for the full blog in November with all the photos and Ideas.