Oh, what fun this was to plan. We celebrated my little one’s 5th birthday this weekend.

This year I decided she would be a Ringmaster. I started to hunt thrift stores for my supplies. Grap the Ringmaster Link above to see the outfit I created for her.
1. Black/Red Jacket
2. Cap
3. Striped pants/Skirt

I also had to make my Golden into a lion- OMG this was not easy. I followed this tutorial as best as I could. It worked but definitely not a perfect fit. Aubrey also had to test this 

Next were the invitations. I wanted “tickets”. I took red card stock and printed my announcement. Then folded in half and notched the corners with a round punch.

The first project was the popcorn boxes.- Super easy to do with wrapping paper and a few boxes from Walmart.
RING OF FIRE- Hula hoop and orange felt!
Most my Supplies for the tables were found at Oriental trading
REd striped plastic runners, blue tops, and white skits. Set the colors brilliantly
POPCORN balloon bundles were easily made by taking 3 ballons tying them together, then wrapping 2 bundles together to create a “KERNAL”.

The Dollar tree had great tubs for food display that looked like popcorn tubs and they also had bags for the popcorn.

Salted Peanuts – on the table in buckets
apple slices – with caramel sauce I even just left the apple whole and allowed parents to core and apple as needed then drizzle sauce that was warming in a mini crockpot
Jello – Fishbowls- Really the only item I “made”

This was super easy and everything was premade. The only thing I had to do was prepare and keep it warm as needed.

The kiddos loved the bounce house. I opted for the largest one I could rent. In retrospect, if you have a lot of kids this is the best options. The slide features ensure the kids empty out of the house and give them more running around. We also had a pinata to crack open. A good friend took time to do face painting for all the kiddos.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Popcorn balloons and table layout

CAKE (1)PopcorncupcakesTable1table2fishbowlsCaketable2Table1facepaintBounce1FriendsChickendanceMom_aubs MLP mask

Happy Birthday sweet one
Mom and Dad

GIFTSGolden "lion"

Happy 5th Birthday