Whats up with all this HAIR stuff?

So I did a thing this weekend. I decided to jump on board with MONAT. Have you heard of it ? No WELL let me tell you its an amazing hair care line that is changing lives.

Us ladies love our “crown” you know when you have a good hair day you feel like your a SUPA STAR !!!!  I know at least that is how I feel.  Im super excited to get started with MONAT and after hearing how well its working for home good friends of mine I thought I needed to give it a try.

I use Pureology from the salon. My daughter is a master hair stylist at Fringe in downtown Norfolk.  I don’t use low-end products in my hair and I don’t wash or blow dry it ofter. I have very oily hair so I do use dry shampoo to contain the shine on day 2 and 3.

What I do ALOT its pull it up. My hair falls forward and gets oily from me pushing it back all the time. I’m hoping this new product line will have me get back my natural bounce and curl.

Let’s go back to 2012 before my daughter was born my hair was AUHHHHHHMAZING. Thick, bouncy and verging on curly.  My daughter was born Nov of 2012 I never noticed my hair changing until I stopped nursing her. I did see my volume drop and my curls were nonexistent.  It is now Nov of 2017 and I’m just starting to see my waves come back. I still have not fully recovered to my original hair. I’m hoping Monat will help reverse what pregnancy hormones did to my hair.

This is me in 2001- Shiny – wavy hair

This is me October 2017- dull slightly frizzy lifeless hair

These three photos were taken October 30, 2017 I use pureology hydration, and I use a diffuser with a small amount of mist to maintain curl and body.

My 1st shampoo I used 2 in one 1 Black shampoo, 2nd wash with revitalize shampoo then Revitalize conditioner. Added 4 drops of Rejuvinque oil 1pump of moxie mousse and then diffused with a ionic diffuser.

So honestly…. do difference yet.

Its been 1 week……

My thoughts..

2nd day hair is more manageable. I’ve noticed a bit less oil. I do like “The Champ” dry shampoo. It’s a bit white but I have a great technique to hide the residue. I’m using

2/1 Black wash 1

Revive shampoo wash 2

Revitalize conditioner

I’m not much for using a lot of products after I wash my hair but I have been trying the mousse, the root lift, and the restoration oil

One unexpected use for the restoration oil was on chapped lips and a very dry windburn face. It worked amazing.

November 11th …. I see less greasy roots yet the ends are not as dry. I feel like my hair is become in more balanced. Im still waiting for life change in results. Nothing bad but nothing that makes me want to SHOUT !

November 17th – Its starting to happen. Im seeing results. Shine , bounce and much more manageable. Less drying time and easier to style. My hair would not keep a curl and by the end of the day the ends would look dry and stringy. I am not able to see a bounce and curl on the ends. Im thinking I LOVE THIS !!!

November 27th …. Its official Im SO happy with this product. I did get a trim last week. That helped with the curls some. I have had trims before and never got the bounce that I have this time in my hair. YES YES YES …… It took about a month for me to really see results. My CURLS are curls not full of hair spray to keep them in place. Im also getting more and more ladies asking WHAT ARE YOU USEING !!! Not only do I see the change others are seeing it as well.

This is 3rd day BEDHEAD— I could have spritzed with wanted and worn it curly at least 3 days !!!

BIGGEST changes for me

1. Scalp less greasy and can go 2-3 days with out a wash
2. SHINE- my hair is not oil shiny its healthy shiny
3. Control- when I want it. Straight it’s STRAIGHT, when I want it curly its curly
4. Less drying time- I dont have to use HIGH HEAT to flow dry my hair