YES … Im in to another MLM. 20+ years ago I stared my first MLM experience with Princess House crystal. Who remembers them ? I still have quite a collection and Im still using it. I loved there dinner crystal and still do. I spent a good 1-2 years traveling to peoples homes hosting Prices house parties and I LOVED IT ! The problem was I kept BREAKING that dang glass wear. I also go tired of lugging suitcases of fragile items in and out of a car night after night.

Then came Tupperware. I was part of the Morning Star group who used to meet over by Mt Trashmore. I did pretty well with this company and well you guess it I never broke and item. I was happy to attend the meetings and rally’s. Weekly to learn about new products and sales. Tupperware was easy to do because it was a high quality product with market recognition. I realized a few years in I was STOCKED to the gills with product and decided I was done. They were starting to do mall stations and online sales were taking over the home party sales.

I can’t remember what came next StampinUp or Silpada. Yup you guessed it I DID BOTH of these to. Stampin up feed my creativity and well Silpada is just stunning jewelry. I will use LOTS of my stamps and my Jewelry never goes out of style.

The past 4-5 years I have been using DOTERRA oils. This came because of Fertility concerns and wanting to detox my body and home. I think this has been the longest MLM I have been connected to and I doubt I will ever stop buying. I have realized a few things over this journey. Consumable MLM have staying power it’s your customer base. Health and Wellness or beauty product have staying power with your customer base.

HERE IS MY MONAT intro story……..

Rachel Adams with Keller Williams had a FB live video streaming in the summer about shampoo. I was taking back at this because she is a very successful realtor , coach and strong business women. I giggled to my self and thought WOW she got roped in to an MLM by someone. Skip forward a few months and I see another very successful. realtor and business women talking about this shampoo again. This time it was Lisa Archer with Live Love Homes in Charlotte. I stoped to take notice this time. Lisa is a BIG cheerleader for me in Real Estate. She has supported my practice her in VA for years. I watched a few post here and there and decided signing on with this MLM was a way I could be able to say thank you for the Real Estate support over the years.


I order my kit ( OVERACHEIVER set) as usual I over do it and get the biggest set they have to offer. I was a little sick in my tummy but after all I was saying THANK you to Lisa and really wanted to okay show my gratitude. I immediately got all kinds of warm welcomes and information on how to build…


I had not even gotten the product and information is streaming left and right about launch post, launch videos, how to , write up your WHY, SHARE SHARE SHARE….. I was like hold your horses !!!! I have to try the products first. It was a bit overwhelming. I wanted to JUMP in but I had not even had a sample to try. Remember I only said yes to say thank you and build Lisas team.


I have another blog at MY MONAT JOURNEY that takes you into the first 30 days you can read more of that here.

Now I am the one CHEERING left and right and blowing up the feed. This shampoo has TRANSFORMED my hair. If I never have one person take advantage of my sharing link Im STILL SOLD on it. I am so happy with the results. See my 30 day results video on FACEBOOK LINK HERE

If you think this is silly MLM and will go no where let me tell you something that excites me. Im linked directly with one of the top people climbing in Monat. I will ensure you have access to the BEST marketing tips, how to and practices to make your team soar. Right now we have a personal on-boarding data sheet that will give you directions on launching , setting up samples, scripts and more.

EVERYONE washes their hair…
You are not asking people to change there habits – we all wash our hair
You have a consumable – reorder and retention
You have a health conscious company- Naturally based- vegan
You have an amazing compensation plan
30 day Money back
Free products and incentives with MP and VIP sign ups

Id love to share this with you. WILL you message me or link over to if you want learn more about MONAT.