When I am interviewing for a listing with a past client I can be quick to assume I have the job. BIG MISTAKE….. Never ASSUME ( as they say ASS out of U and Me). During some recent conversations, I quickly realized I had never sold them on my value. It became apparent I need to present to them what makes me different. Here is part of that reply.

I’m a full time committed realtor that will give you exceptional service.

This is not a “friend” thing it’s professional and I’m confident you will experience the best service and skills from me.

My listing is ready to sign today.

Will other agents be calling 30-50 buyers about your condo to promote it ? Will they do video/ photos / Facebook live / open house / just listed mailer’s. Tweet links / blogs / instagram and more ???? I’m with a nationally recognized firm with the most agents and production of ANY company worldwide. My network is extensive and my 16 years experience will assure you strong negotiations. If someone rolls over on how much they are worth at the first opportunity how fast will they want you to roll over during negotiations. I don’t roll over easily. I’m ready to go but 1/2 % is not a huge savings in the scope of experience.

The ASSUMPTION is where I may have failed so many times during the interview process. It is easy to know what you do for someone in your mind, but to put it on paper or present its totally different.

What is your value with regards to your service? Do you have a way to present this in a clear and direct manner to your clients. This is the next marketing piece I clearly need to put in front of every client. It is hard to compete with “big box ” companies or more flexible cost models. Just like everything in life its rare you get all the services , all the skills and all the discounts at the same time.

Alison Creamer- Keller Williams Realty