Its 530 am and Im up ! Thinking about why this keeps happening……

So I have come to a conclusion I need to implement a few changes in my life. Have you heard of the 66 day challenge? I recently committed to 66 days on my treadmill.

One day 1 I was able to go about 30 minutes and 1.3 miles. I found that being distracted with a video helped me stay on longer. Over the next 30 days I found my self looking forward to the time and increasing my time and distance. Its been 66 days now and Im HOOKED. I look forward to the treadmill time. Im now at 1 hour and about 3.3 miles.

I need to change a few areas of my life and find peace and rest. I have been thinking a lot about what makes me happy and what stresses me out. I cant stop working and just play so I must find ways to have peace with both in my life.

My next 66 days I am committing to 2 more life changes

1. Drink 64+ oz of water . Maybe I am dehydrated most days and that could be what is lacking and why I cannot sleep. I am hoping by adding in a healthy balance of water it may help keep me asleep at night.

2. No Alcohol for 66 days. Its become the norm for me to have 2 or 3 beers a day – EVERYDAY. I think its getting a bit out of hand. I mean it could be 1130 in the afternoon and there are times I crave it. My mind seems to never be at reset. A drink or two slows me down so I can relax. I have to find something else to do that.

Have you ever done a 66 day challenge. They say 21 is all you need but I have to agree with this new number. 66 day and I am hooked and looking forward to my daily treadmill time.