I have a wondering mind. Its a bit out of control some times. I find my self jaw clenched deep in thought – wait…. conversations with my self very often. Its pretty scary that I can be in a zone and not have any idea Im about to crack a molar because I am so tense.

Today I was feeling guilty AS ALWAYS for not working on Real Estate business on the weekends. Prospecting —- its the Bain of my existence and yet it is what helps me exists. I was thinking I need more appointments- sellers- buyer. I need to read the new contract updates. I should get the business books someone told me about.

Yet here I am NOT prospecting. Actually I am at a house I am selling while my client does an inspections. ( YEA FOR ME ). I also have a showing with my own buyer on a house I have listed Sunday.

I guess Im not totally slacking off . Yet, I still feel like its never enough.

Today I cleaned my craft room – organized a few things. I was able to knock out a few crafts I have been wanting to finish.

I hit up Dollar tree ( new items on Sat and Sunday ) and of course Marshall clearance area. They have the best home decor and with the closing gifts I have been creating I love to tuck a nice item in.

I did mange to get some laundry done before heading out for an appointment. I was 1 hours to early so what did I do THRIFT …… To be fair I had 2 bags of old books and clothes that we needed to let go of. I found an amazing deal – Lunch boxes that retail $39 on amazon got $6.98.

So back to my TITLE. WHAT EVER IT TAKES…. you see almost 17 years in Real Estate I had that motto the first few years. I think you need it to be successful and build. I realized today driving around with my jaws clench so tight they hurt . I was beating my self up thinking I am lazy and I don’t subscribe to the WHAT EVER IT TAKES mindset.

These days I say I WONT GIVE UP. I may not CALL 100+ people to talk to 20 a day. I may not door knock 100 homes to pass out my cards. I may not host OPEN house’s every weekend.

What I am good at is – Staying in touch, calling , following up and building relationships.

What is your mindset ? What ever it takes or Don’t give up ?