So about eight months ago I was introduced to this nail polish company. My Mischel feeling was for $12 I can go buy a bottle of nail polish and do lots of manicures.

I reluctantly bought one package to help a friend out. As a busy mom I have to admit I really do my nails. And as a busy realtor that’s one area that I should focus on since I’m constantly presenting paperwork.

One day I decided to paint my nails totally forgetting that I have the color strip. As usual I started off with great intentions. 10 minutes and I touch something else 15 minutes and I mushed the top and with in 30 minutes I had completely destroyed my beautiful manicure.

Reluctantly I cleaned my nails off and noticed the color strip. I figured why not let’s give it a try !

Three months later I decided to give it a try.

OK in all honesty my first attempt was not perfect. However the results were still astounding. The strips stayed on my hands a minimum of 15 days.

Fast forward six more months and I now have ditched all my liquid nail polish.


The set that I have on today is called Tokyo lights. I’m trying to track the two most of the glitter polishes.

I do offer to send samples that will give you 4 accent nails or other creative ways to use it. If you’re interested in taking it for a test run I’d love to send you some.