I love this nail application process. Its so easy and no dry time. If you are a busy person you will love how easy this is to get a great manicure.

I did not jump in at first. I was a bit reluctant because I have a full time Real Estate career. Www.SellHamptonRoadsHomes.com 17 years as a professional and never enough time to go to the salon.

I wanted to looked polished – well kept and needed to maintain a professional appearance. It was near impossible to take the time to go to the salon. I never had enough time let my nails dry and I was always being bombarded by my little to paint her nails.

My finished product look terrible, my kiddos nails ended up looking terrible, bottles would get knocked over or furniture would be swiped by wet nails. I WAS DONE……

Then comes Color Street into my life….. It was super easy to put on ( yea took 1-2 times of practice ) and the end results ultimately was better than anything I could ever do at home.

There are sales for the bargain hunters ……

If you are interested in this I am happy to mail you a sample set. PM me and I can get it in the mail. You can join my Color Street FB page and VIP club for extra bonus and prizes.

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