My excitement is beaming over, and I am ready to tell the world about my new adventure.

Back in 2002, 9/11 pushed me to make a significant life change that led me to Real Estate. I was highly focused and ready to make a difference for my family. It was fear of the future and understanding I could forge my destiny if I put my mind to it.

With another unusual life-changing experience ( thanks to COVID), I have decided to carve out a new innovative path for myself and my family. I have remained connected with several of you for 18+ years and enjoyed working with you for repeat home sales and purchases. I’m so appreciative to have helped some of your family and children buy and sell as well. Beginning this new path is scary, and I’m hoping, just like real estate, I will find a friend and trusted cheerleader with you.


August 2020, I recognize we are not going back to school, and it’s going to take a personal decision to be sure my child does not fall behind in education. With this decision, I have decided that Real Estate will have to slow down a bit. I have had the best and MOST STRESSED year. I am so grateful for this “pain” moving me into understanding money is not what makes us happy, but the memories and experiences we carry with us and create with our loved ones.

I’m nervous about sharing this with you because you may perceive that I am not open to working Real Estate anymore. THAT IS NOT THE CASE… I am going to limit the number of clients I take on and leverage team partners to tour the home and help with some of my appointments. I want to be 100% present with the clients represent in Real Estate.

SO what is the BIG CHANGE ??

I’m opening a gift boutique called Gifting Girl by Tate and Zoey ( It is a new online company that launched in May 2020 during this pandemic. We have less than 1,000 brand affiliates, so there is a fantastic room for growth as a leader in this business.
Tate and Zoey

My Goal- Work more from home with an Online business helping others spread joy and kindness through affordable gift-giving. Its been from creating relationships with you that remain personal and meaningful that my Real Estate practice has done so well. I’m praying that the new avenue will also help me show you IM 100% dedicated to you and want to be the person you think of when you need to send a special gift.

I’m grateful if you would TAKE A LOOK- use the gift calendar or place an order from time to time.