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Who is Alison Creamer ?

I have been crafting for a long as I can remember. I must have been about 12 or so when I first use a sewing machine. My mother was self taught and did her best to make me a few summer outfits one year.  In my teens I started to learn about clothing construction using Vogue doll patterns. It was a true adventure to be self taught. There wasn’t any YOUTUBE to guide me and I was pretty much alone in my sewing adventures. In the mid 90s’ I tested my talents on my 1st dress for my step daughter. It was a shiny pink flower girls dress. Its been 20 years and I still have the dress. When I look at it Im reminded how much I have learned but it also reminds me of my ambition to create. Over the years I have merged from Sewing to general crafting, Rubber stamping, Felting, Crochet and Knitting and mixing Doterra essential oils. I bought a Janome Memeory craft 1100 to learn embroidery.
I have been up cycling for a long as I can remember, even before I knew there was a term for it. Id love to MEET you to send me your bio page and lets get to know each other.

Bzibee- was a nick name I used for real estate. I had a small black and yellow smart car with personalized plates “BZIBEE”

I used to lead with Im a Realtor but to be honest Im so much more then what I do for a living. Yes I can help you buy and sell a home  ( ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY )and Im a ROCKSTAR at doing that but why not meet Alison the artist.
You can reach me at 757-652-8880 or email me
If you really want to know check me out on Social Media.




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