Tinkerbell Apron
Toddler apron – Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell- DIY pattern and dress up apron.
I can’t believe I did this one all by myself. I started browsing photos of aprons in a style of Tinkerbell on Pinterest. After making a few aprons the measurement seem to come pretty easily.
I knew I wanted to add tule to jazz it up and separate leaves the apron part.
I also wanted a skirt underneath to add depth and color.
Two shades of green and and a lime colored tule and we have Tinkerbell.

Toddler Tinkerbell Apron
Lets Dress up !
Tinkerbell Dress up apron
My little Cutie !
Toddler Tinkerbell apron
YES she is a living doll !
Toddler Tinkerbell Apron
Stiff leaves for dimension !

The leaves have been stiffened and puckered out to add a little flair.

Do you make dress up aprons. If so I’d love to see your version.