Why are you still dreaming ? How I went from dreamer to successful Realtor.

Late 90’s I was sitting in a office processing commission checks for Realtors. I remember thinking wow this is crazy money. I met agents who appeared to have a great life with flexibility. I remember a conversation with an agent who came to get a check and said “ I have to go cut grass then show some homes”. I envied the people who came and went unlike me tied to a desk and tied to a clock.

Then 9/11 happened……….. I sat in horror thinking is this it. Is our life being changed before our eyes? I was terrified of the future but I also was terrified of what life I would NEVER have it I did not take a jump.

That moment was it the turning point and, I AM NOT DREAMING anymore. Since then I have been practicing Real Estate at a high level for 17+ years. I have accomplished more than I could ever even dreamed up. I now have to think BIGGER and sometimes those dreams scare me.

Sales is HARD work . There is a hustle to it like no other. You must have dedication- commitment- focus and THICK SKIN. Its Simple but not EASY. I have dabbled in so many MLM business plans.


Pricess house

Stampin up





Some I did pretty good at some was for personal use only. ALL of them allowed me to get out meet people and expand my networking value.

If you have been dreaming STOP – move in to goal setting and planning. Worst that can happen you fail forward and learn something more about your self.

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